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The Bertinator's 31 Days blog is very user friendly, once you get to know it. Here are some pointers for easy site navigation.
  • All posts are uploaded through the home page. For the latest posts and to see what is new, check the home page frequently. 
  • Once I have posted a work out or recipe to the blog, I will then link it directly under either the 31 Workouts tab or the 31 Recipes tab, making it easier for you to find right away by going to the appropriate tab.
  • My fit tips will only be posted under the 31 Fit Tips tab. So, check back daily for your newest Bertinator Fit Tip. 
  • Prizes will continue to be added through out the 31 days. So, check back on the prize tab for new additions. Keep working out, staying dedicated, making the featured recipes, and following my fit tips and your chances for winning a prize will be HUGE!

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