31 Clean Recipes

WEEK #1: Featured Blogger full of family friendly clean eating recipes: THE GRACIOUS PANTRY. She has SO many amazing recipes, including holiday inspired ones. I have chosen only to include 7 dinner recipes- so feel free to venture over to her sight and make breakfast, lunch, snacks, desserts! ANYTHING your heart desires:)

1. Clean Eating Chicken Tex Mex Alfredo Pasta
2. Clean Eating Weeknight Spaghetti
3. Clean Eating Chicken Vegetable Pasta
4. Clean Eating Chili Mac
5. Clean Eating Meatloaf
6. Clean Eating Shepherd's Pie
7. Clean Eating Garlic Parmesan Turkey Meatballs

WEEK #2: Featured website, blogger, fitness guru, Fitness America Champ- Ms. Lori Harder over at Busy Girl, Healthy Life!  Lori has some of THE best clean recipes I have tried yet. She is awesome! I love her videos that she has to go along with the recipes. Don't you want to be her BFF?;) I do! I have included 7 of my favorite Busy Girl, Healthy Life recipes below. She has so many more fun recipes, so please head on over and try any one you feel like. Especially her clean desserts;)

8. Tostadas
9. Asparagus Walnut Salad
10. Jackie's JACKED UP Peppers
11. Chicken Fingers
12. Healthy Pizza
13. Brayden's Southwest Soup
14. Ham & Swiss Stuffed Chicken Breast

WEEK #3: Featured health and fitness guru, Lindsey Mathews, over at Moxie Full Body Fitness. Make her yummy recipes for added entries into the prize jar for a chance to win 1 FREE month of personalized meal plans (a $75 value), donated from Ms. Lindsey herself!

15. Orange Chicken Fingers
16. Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes
17. Peanut Butter Cupcake Protein Bars
18. English Muffin Breakfast Casserole
19. Loaded Oatmeal Base
20. Thick and Frothy Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake
21. Strawberry Nut Cottage Cheese


  1. The tostada is one of my favorite staples (I switch off between 2-3 meals) for lunch through the week. I do a variation of what she does but I love that I can have a really filling meal for under 300 calories!

    1. Don't you love those!! They are the best!!

  2. Made Jackie's Jacked up peppers for dinner tonight, Delicious!

    1. Awesome!! So happy you thought they were delicious!! It is always fun to find new, healthy recipes to add into the dinner mix:)

  3. Brayden's southwest soup was delicious!