Sunday, December 16, 2012


 Good morning Bad Lasses! Welcome to Week 3 of The Bertinator's 31 Days. Who is starting to feel stronger, more confident, see results, feel tighter?? Anyone?! Don't worry, you still have 14 days left to keep feeling better and better every day.

Today's workout is your 2nd REAL TIME workout with me. This is one of my favorite workouts to just give it ALL I have got, and not stop til' I hear that timer go BEEEPP! 

"Texas Round Up"

Watch the first few minutes of the workout, so that you can get a feel for the exercises, and then just get as many rounds as you can done in 12 minutes! 

10 Lunge Hop with knee (each leg)
10 Single Leg Burpees (5 on each leg and the modification is regular burpees)

Once you have completed the 12 minutes, let me know how many rounds you got done, and if you survived the single leg burpees! 

Burn it up!