Thursday, December 20, 2012


No, this workout has nothing to do with that old, awesome dating show on MTV. Remember when MTV actually had good shows? The good old days!

 Disappointed?! Don't be- because this workout is SO much better then that!!

Today you are training each side of your body separately today. Time to teach your weaker side who is boss, and bring it up to even!


15 Single Arm DB Row 
15 Single Leg Floor Taps
15 Uneven Push Ups 
15 Lunge Hops
15 Side Plank Hip Dips
15 Forward Rocking Plank
15 Jackie Chans (counting right leg only)

Set your timer for 15 min. and do as many rounds as you can!

Don't forget to leave me a comment knowing how many you were able to crank out, and if you noticed a difference in having a stronger and a little bit weaker side. We all have one!


  1. Liked this one ALOT! Thanks Bertie! I was about to start Uneven push-ups on my 3rd round when the timer went off. My right side was better on the single leg floor taps, but my left was stronger on the lunge was a gamble. :)

  2. This was a great one! I even went in for an extra round. I did 3 rounds with 10 seconds to spare but threw in another round for a full 20 minutes.

    My right side is stronger with uneven pushups and when I'm on my left elbow for plank hip dips I'm stronger (I dont know if that means left/right is stronger?). :)

  3. Only did 2 sets and didn't time myself but I went to the gym today too!

  4. Just did this one again and got 3 rounds in with 3 seconds over 15 min. Still working up my strength but it was surprising to me how out of breath this made me. :) LOVE IT.