Monday, December 24, 2012

Workout 25: "Merry BURPEE Christmas!"

Merry Christmas EVERYONE! Today is all about taking the day off and spending it with family, friends, loved ones, giving, sharing, joy and happiness. However, if you are reading this, then you REALLY wanted to workout- and BOY! do I have just the workout for you. This workout is full of burpees and abs. Time to flatten your stomach while burning massive calories from all the delightful food you have consumed these last couple days. Don't worry- I have too! I admit, I feel like I have eaten a blimp. This is my go to workout on those days. Time to get your stop watch out and get to work!

"Merry BURPEE Christmas"

30 Side Mermaids (each side)
30 Single Leg Burpees (15 each leg)
30 bicycles (counting right leg only)
1 minute plank

And STOP the timer because you are DONE! Whoooooo!! In BURPEE heaven yet??

Congratulations- you have EARNED your Bad Lass status, because you worked out on Christmas Day AND you did my favorite "Burpee" workout EVER!! Minus, my crazy burpees, which I haven't filmed yet;)

Leave me a comment below letting me know how quick you were able to finish it, and which burpee variation is your favorite so far.


  1. It felt good to workout this morning! I slacked off for a week but now I am back on!

  2. OH burpees! My time was 18:35. Thanks for the challenge!

  3. Felt good to do even on Christmas! Took my time and went for 25:56

  4. Woohoo! That was brutal!!! My time was 24:19...haven't done that many Burpees in one Workout in a loooong time! Pouring sweat! :)