Sunday, December 30, 2012

Workout 31: "Double Up - Favorites"

Can you believe it?! It is Day 31 in your 31 Days. 

You did it!!! I am so proud of you. Over the past 31 days you have gotten stronger, you have gotten faster, and you did some exercises that you probably laughed at when you first saw what you needed to do, BUT you did it!! You may have lost some weight, lost some inches, but most importantly- I know you are more confident today, then you were on Day 1- and that to me is the true meaning of a Bad Lass! 

The last 30 Days I have given your work out to you. I have told you what to do- and TODAY- is YOUR day to choose. Choose 2 of your favorite workouts over the last 30 days- and do them BOTH! Whatever workouts you choose to do today, try to push yourself to do more rounds or to beat your time from the time before. You are gonna ring the New Year in with a BANG, double time. 

Leave a comment below letting me know which 2 workouts you chose to re-do, if you beat your time/rounds from before and for 5 BONUS entries… what you have taken away from the last 31 days! 

I still can't believe we are at the end of the 31 Days. I almost feel like I am going to cry. But I'm not… because starting TOMORROW, we will be doing this ALL year long! Whoop! Whoop! 


  1. I did 2 rounds of the Dirty Bertie 30, and 4 rounds of Time to Leg Up! I wasn't sure that I'd be able to get through all of these workouts everyday but now that I've done it I believe in myself so much more and know what I can accomplish!!

  2. I did 2 rounds of the Dirty Bertie Thirty (15:16) and the Climbing to the Top workout (14:09). Both of them were great workouts!! Can't wait to see what 2013 will bring!

  3. Heck ya! I did Singled Out (got in 3 rounds in the 15 minutes-- with 45 seconds to spare) and Climbing to the Top in 13:22.

    For me, this 31 day challenge re instilled how crazy valuable it is to calendar my workouts. There were 2 specific days I just did not want to work out but I couldn't let myself (my goal) down because I REALLY wanted to write that dumb workout on the calendar ( REALLY wanted that FULL calendar!!!). :) Thanks for the fun challenge!