Saturday, December 29, 2012


I love taking Sunday's off and just spending time with my family, laying low, and taking in all my many blessings in my life. Enjoying the moment. I tend to not workout on Sunday's, except for some light meditation or yoga. The last couple weeks I have introduced you to two of my favorite ways to unwind and open my mind, while stretching and working my body at the same time. Today we are fusing the two together, and I proudly introduce to you yogalates. 

While you are doing this workout, really let go in your mind. Really focus on the moment and what you are doing. Focus on envisioning your muscles lengthening, firming up, and shining through exactly the way you want them to. You have worked HARD this week, and now you deserve a little "break". 



Leave a comment below letting me know your favorite way to actively unwind and relax. You only have 2 workouts left to earn entries into the prize jar to win one of our many awesome prizes!! It's never too late to start earning entries. 


  1. My body was in need of a little stretching today so this hit the spot for sure!

  2. For me Sundays are extra stretching and meditating. I do all my meal plans, to-do lists and prep for the week both fitness and family stuff so I love getting to sit on the floor, stretch and write out lists.