Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We have all been to the point of "too hard" in a workout.  We decide - we did enough, we are good. Who is with me?! I know I have done it plenty of times, and I also know how much of a difference I feel when I tell myself, "C'mon Bertie! You can do this! Finish strong!" And I push myself to just get it done! I feel like I can do anything! I get a surge of energy that makes me want to do it ALL over again the next day. I see results faster, I get stronger-- and that is why I know, that as soon as I am ready to say, "That's good, I did good!" Then the REAL workout is about to begin and The REAL change is going to come. To get the results you have been looking for and wanting, you have to do something difference, and more often then not, that is pushing yourself a little harder, going a tad bit longer to finish strong. Are you ready?! Because this is the workout, where it is JUST the beginning. 


You will be using your timer for this workout. You can either use your own timer, or you can go to and put work to 50 seconds, rest to 10 seconds, cycles to 18, and tabata will stay at 1. Your timer should now say 18:10. You will be doing each exercise for 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds before starting the next exercise. You will continue rotating through all the exercises, until  you have done all of them 3 times, for a total of a KILLER 18 min. workout. And remember- when you feel like throwing in the towel, or stopping.... DON'T! The workout is JUST starting;)

Make sure you keep your water close- and comment below which exercise you think you will be feeling the most tomorrow?! 

Burn it UP!


  1. I did three pull ups before I started and those dive bombers kill me anyway but I felt SUPER weak trying to pull those back up.
    I loved the lunge switch kicks though, I took my time with each one and really felt it stretch my legs on each move.
    And the wall sits!! I surprised myself I thought, "I'll just give it my best go" but I stayed parallel to the floor for the entire time on every single one!!
    Thanks Bertie! Loved this one!

  2. Dive bombers are SO much harder than I thought!!!!! WHOA!!