Thursday, December 27, 2012

Workout 28: "FIFTY'S FRIDAY"

Today you get to make ANOTHER choice. Today you get to decide if you are going to give it all you have got, or if you are going to give the same ol', same ol' effort, and hope for the best. I vote, give it ALL you have got, get it DONE, and REVEL in your soreness and hard work!

Today is 50's Friday! Every exercise you will be doing for 50 reps before moving on. This is for time. You will do them all as fast as you can, clock it and share.

It is time to see what you are made of. It isn't about where you are at now, but that you do better then you did yesterday, that you give a little more then you did the day before. Are you READY?!


50 Cardio Core Push-Ups
50 Jackie Chans (counting the right leg only)
50 Deep Runners Lunge Kick (each leg)
50 Star Jumps
50 Flutter Kicks (counting right leg only)
50 High Knees (counting right knee only)
50 Tricep Dips
50 Down Hill Racers
50 Star Crunches
50 Half Turn Burpees

TIME! Are you still alive?;) 

I knew you could do it! Bertinator PROUD right now!


  1. That was brutal!! My time was 30:50 (which included a few interruptions from the kidlets!) Thanks for a great workout...just wished I had gotten on board earlier in the month!

  2. That one was crazy Bertie! But I finished in 28:04